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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my campaign web site. My name is Jack Eaton, and I am asking for your vote in the upcoming August 6th Democratic primary election for City Council. Like many Ann Arbor citizens I first came to town to attend the University of Michigan. I liked the city, its neighborhoods, the trees and the parks. Along with my wife Bitsy, I have lived here for the last 27 years.

In speaking to my Ward 4 neighbors, I've been hearing the same themes repeated: City Hall needs to focus on the basics—water, sewer, solid waste, recycling, composting, infrastructure and safety. Recently, after a home invasion during which the resident scared off the intruder, the resident was told by the city's police dispatcher that no patrol car would be sent to the site of the crime. The resident was told to "call back if it happens again." Is this the level of service we should expect in exchange for the high taxes we pay? Absolutely not.

Legacy costs for the city's 800 or so retirees are enormous and must be addressed.

Jack's Supporters Are Saying....

"Jack Eaton has brought a calm, consistent and well-informed perspective to the discussion of Ann Arbor civic issues.  I have been impressed with the common sense and breadth of knowledge he displays in public comment and private conversation.  He has shown a passionate commitment to the interests and needs of Ann Arbor residents and to the future of our city.  At the same time, he has a deep knowledge of underlying state and local law. I’m so glad that Jack is willing to “be there for us”.
Vivienne Armentrout, former Member Washtenaw County Board of Commission

"I believe we need people on Council who are prepared to refocus spending on the basics: public safety, infrastructure improvements, solid waste, parks and open space -- and Jack is that candidate. We need Jack Eaton's demonstrated skill and experience on City Council. I encourage you to vote for him on August 6th."
Jane Lumm Council Member Ward 2

"I believe Jack will be a valuable addition to the City Council as he has great leadership skills. He listens, organizes and acts to solve problems. He will continue to do what he already does as a active resident of Ann Arbor - represent the interests of its citizens. He is always respectful of differences and can work with anyone without compromising his core values. Jack's integrity is impeccable."Ward 1 Council member Sumi Kailasapathy.

Jack understands and is actively following issues in the city and in the 4th Ward. He engages in discussion with members of the community, listens, and states his interpretations clearly. We can count on him to take action on what he says. He will be an thoughtful and responsive council member. Jack is well-prepared for the position as Council Member. Rita Mitchell.

Mary Duff-Silverman and Ray Silverman are very pleased to endorse Jack Eaton's run for City Council in Ann Arbor. We have had the great pleasure of getting to know and work with Jack through the Friends of Dicken Woods. His enthusiasm and commitment to the environment are impressive and Jack is a gifted speaker. He is a able to look at complicated issues and to clarify them in useful ways for discussion and action. Perhaps best of all, Jack is a good listener (something that many smart people forget how to do!). We also appreciate his dedication to the concept of civil discourse in politics. By his example, he makes me believe it is possible! We are eager to get Jack working for us all on City Council, getting us "back to basics" in Ann Arbor!

"I support Jack because he sees we can protect the environment through responsible development.  He holds the needs and wishes of the residents as important in the push to make changes that will effect our daily lives as well as the future sustainability of Ann Arbor.   In this time of wildly fluctuating weather he will protect our fragile watershed, in his commitment to correct the the many flooding problems in the 4th Ward.  His values are solidly grounded in the importance of community arts, that is working together to build a vibrant community."—Laura Lee Hayes

Jack Eaton has my strong endorsement for City Council. He is an honest broker on whom we can depend to help direct City Council to make the best overall decisions. He is involved, knowledgeable on City matters, and respected by those who know him.Ted Annis, Former Treasurer, AATA Board of Directors.

Jack, I endorse you in your race for Ann Arbor City Council.Stephen Lange Ranzini

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Ann Arbor must also tackle its structural cost issues before asking taxpayers for increased millages and new taxes. Ward 4 residents have told me Ann Arbor needs leaders who are prepared to be innovative when balancing the budget, and ones who will ask questions.

I want to add my voice to Ward 2 Council member Jane Lumm’s plea for civility in public discourse. Public servants should be able to disagree without engaging in petty name calling.

The election to represent the 4th Ward on City Council is not complicated — voters have a clear choice. If 4th Ward residents support how tax dollars are used, how local government is run, and how Councilmember Higgins has represented them, they should re-elect her. If 4th Ward residents believe we should get back to basics in terms of services, priorities, and spending and want someone who will represent their interests, listen, answer their emails, return their phone calls, and advocate for them, they have an alternative.

I hope I will have further opportunity to discuss my priorities with you. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me via phone or email, and explore my campaign web site. Start with the "Ideas" link. Better yet, contact me directly. After all, that's why I'm running for City Council and asking for your vote on August 6th.



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